Event and Performance Schedule

Friday Vernissage Event (first floor):

7-8:30 PM: Propeller Fund Award Ceremony honoring the 15 winners of the 2012 Propeller Fund awards.  Come celebrate with the grant recipients and community with food, drink and music. Propeller Fund is a grant for self-organized, public, and collaborative projects and is administered by threewalls and Gallery 400 at UIC.

Friday Vernissage Event ( second floor):
7pm- Midnight: Please join us on the second floor of Mana Contemporary Chicago for opening nite festivities which include performance programs and libations.

MDW Performance Programs throughout the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in Booth #202

Friday, November 9

8-9 PM
Mairead Case, Dear Miss Lonely Hearts

Dear Miss Lonely Hearts: Focusing on the tangibility of letter writing compared to virtual communication, Mairead, a co-founder of Proximity Magazine, draws on collections of real-life letters written by literary and cultural figures from throughout history, such as Richard Hugo and Flannery O’Conner. For Dear Miss Lonely Hearts, Mairead will invite 5-7 people of various ages and backgrounds to read from books of letters or diaries during MDW Fair. Each reader will select an excerpt that resonates with them to read during the Fair.

9-10 PM
Thorne Brandt, Video-Drums Installation

Brandt’s Video-Drums Installation is an opportunity for the audience to directly interact with video art. The audience is invited to play on a video-responsive drum set. The speed, rhythm, and pressure of the participant will trigger a visual response in the video, resulting in an interactive synesthetic experience for both viewers and those interacting directly with the work.

10-11 PM
Astro Space Party, Space Station TV

Astro Space Party is a virtual gallery that produces public programming and curates videos by emerging and mid-career artists and musicians. At MDW, ASP presents the 4th live taping of Space Station TV, a late night series of interviews and musical performances hosted by Frank Pollard. Entitled “ORD at MDW”, episode 4 explores concepts of travel and flight in visual art, writing and sound. Join Pollard as he interviews Ian Ferguson, Dan Gleason and RobRoy Campbell, with a musical performance from a surprise special guest.

11-12 AM
Jerome Baez with visuals by Theodore Darst

Jerome Baez performs an improvised electronic set utilizing lo-fi oscillators, re-appropriated consumer touch screen computers, and a baritone guitar. With visual projections by Theodore Darst, a Chicago based digital artist.

Saturday, November 10th

1-2 PM
Sara Alsum-Wassenaar, Lunch Hour (Chicago Edition)

On the Saturday of MDW Fair, Sara Alsum-Wassenaar invites seven participants on an urban exploration and picnic departing from the MDW Fair. Lunch Hour (Chicago Edition) re-examines the picturesque in the traditional picnic by relocating this familiar lunch to an industrial urban site. Alsum-Wassenaar draws on the site to create handmade picnic items, such as blankets and serving ware, and in doing so, creates an increased sense of comfort and connection to the space. Join this group to tactically engage with city infrastructure through crafted objects.

Participants will gather in the MDW performance space from 1-1:30, then leave from MDW for an hour-long picnic. For more information or to reserve your spot email Sara at alsumwa2@illinois.edu.

2-6 PM
Brian McCorkle & Esther Neff, Panoply Performance Laboratory, PERFORMANCY FORUM

Based out of Brooklyn, PPL is a public performance, social, and time-based art collective focusing on inter-social ties instead of institutional hierarchies. PPL hosts the PERFORMANCY FORUM, a platform to present participatory and socially-engaged performance-based projects. For the MDW Fair, PPL is designing a special edition of PERFORMANCY FORUM. This FORUM presents a program of six artists – Anyia Liftig, Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff, Valerie Kuehne, Ivy Castellanos, and Geraldo Mercado – who will create event-specific interactive works for the fair.

Sunday, November 11

12-1 PM
Hyperkewl, Relics

This fall, Hyperkewl, a collective interested in community endeavors and collaborative creation, re-appropriated the traditional pilgrimage walk and invited participants to visit and contribute to reliquaries in communities around the world, including Chicago, Kansas City, and Lima. These walks invite people to examine what a relic is to them and create their own rituals within their communities. At the MDW Fair, Hyperkewl will present Relics through video of walks taking place in other cities, as well as through slides of photos, maps, and documentation of the walks.

1-3 PM
Rebecca Steele, Laura Hughes, XXX

XXX presents two live performances and four video works which exemplify a new wave of feminist activism, realigning the role of the artist with the premise of presentation. Artists include, Nadia Buyse (Portland), Allison Halter (Berlin), Sarah Johnson (NY), and Ajna Lichau (Portland). Transcending the traditional role of the beholder, these artists confront expectations through personal tactics, often creating unique experiences of togetherness for both artists and audiences. They use actions that complicate the relationship between artist, medium, and audience with intentions that are often unclear before being revealed as an extension of the audience’s own beliefs or desires.

3-6 PM,
Hoyun Son, Private Feast_MDW: Dinner Party+Performance+Panel Discussion about Art and Everyday Life

Private Feast_MDW combines a cook show with a panel discussion. The main topic is the relationship between everyday life and art; What can be achieved by blurring the boundaries between them, what are returns to everyday life from the participatory art projects, etc. A Chicago artist Alberto Aguilar is invited as moderators to lead discussions while the artist facilitates the happenings and leads cooking. Panelists consists of MDW participants, Chicago artists, curators and general public. The dinner will be open to a limited number of audience to join to the discussion and share the food made by panelist. Other spectators can observe the performance/panel discussion/dinner.

Throughout the Fair

Claire Arctander and Sadie Harmon Casual Encounters Photobooth, Ongoing through the weekend

Participants in the Casual Encounters Photobooth will sit for a portrait with another randomly assigned MDW attendee. Rather than functioning as a means to a sentimental, personal document, the booth will facilitate fleeting moments of intimate interaction between pairs of individuals who probably do not already know one another.  Images will later appear on a website as a record of both the project and the fair’s population.

Brook Sinkinson Withrow Salon (1st Floor)

For Salon, Brook Sinkinson Withrow will give five invited participants, Jasmine Lee, Lauren Anderson, Caroline Carlsmith, and Arend deGruyter-Helfer, haircuts based on descriptions of their desired cut or trim. Throughout the duration of the cut, participants will present self-selected readings. The time and labor required for the cut will determine the length of the reading, thus participants must choose and present material based on a desired cosmetic edit, though the content of the reading may be completely unrelated to the experience of a haircut.

Crystal Baxley and Stefan Ransom Music and The Social: Models of Collaboration in Music (Publications Table)

Crystal Baxley and Stefan Ransom present a digital audio “tour” through art projects that utilize participation as an essential element of production and result in the creation of a song or album. They highlight projects that utilize a socially-engaged approach, meaning that instead of one artist or band being solely responsible for the creation of the music, a lead artist or organizer engaged participants to create the work. While Baxley and Ransom are unable to attend MDW Fair, their audio tour will be accessible through a downloadable podcast which will be accessible here (coming soon) as well as through an accompanying zine which will be presented in the publications section at MDW.